Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I thought I would take today to blog about a member of our family you haven't met yet. Her name is June and she is our 6-year-old Boston Terrier.

I love her so much.
Tony can't stand her and neither can anyone else in the family for that matter.
She has Down Syndrome (well, not really but she acts like it)
She gets mad when we leave her and sometimes pees on our stuff to show us how mad she is.
Her favorite foods are peanut butter and pancakes.
I can't lock her anywhere and put a gate up. She will jump right over, even two gates stacked on top of each other.
She literally is "a bitch".
She is extremely hyper and really high-strung but is oddly enough totally calm around Betsy.
She thinks she is as big as any dog out there.
When we open the door to step outside she darts out the door and won't come back until you open the car door so she thinks she is going somewhere.
She is the BEST snuggler.
Tony is the one who picked her out even though he won't admit it.
She literally drools when we eat and drips slobber all over the place.
We have tried 3 different obedience classes on her. She is un-trainable. Seriously.
I think she is the cutest thing ever although I've been told she has a face "only a mother could love"
One time she brought in a dead bird from outside and hid it under our bed.
It never fails, every single time we go to my grandparents she fights with the cats...and gets scratched to pieces. She never learns.
Before Betsy came along she was our baby. My mom even took her for pancakes on her birthday.
We picked her name because we were married in the month of June and she is our first dog as a married couple.
She has one blue eye.
Her snoring would wake the dead.
She plays basketball with Tony.
Betsy adores her.


Liz said...

This is such a sweet post!!

We too have a "bitchy" girl in our family... sydney, everyone in our extended family hates her... but we see her sweet side and love her to bits! Shes almost six too! (btw-we always make our pups pancakes for thier birthday breakfast ;) doesnt everyone?!?! lol