Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Big Changes

After waiting 2-1/2 months for something that should have taken 2 weeks, I finally got my letter I had been waiting for. It said "Welcome Back". Yep. I'm finally getting to go back to school!! I am super excited for this. Since, oh, about 16 years ago my dream has been to be a funeral director. I talked about it all through high school, toured the Forensics Building at the college and spoke with the Director of Funeral Services at University of Central Oklahoma. I even started going to school, but doubted my decision and switched my major to nursing. Took a few introductory classes to nursing and realized that nope, my passion really was funeral service. I finished most of my English and History classes and some just basic required courses before I got hung up on the math. I took remedial 0-credit math classes at a different campus and still struggled. I decided to hold off on school for a semester or two and then go back. I never made it back. Now I wouldn't regret that though. I have been very happy with my certificate in Medical Transcription and my ability to work/stay at home with Betsy. I always was envious of mothers who got to stay at home with their children and so I was glad I made that my priority and was able to experience that since family will always, always come first.

I think everything is working out perfectly. I stayed at home and raised Betsy and kept our house a home. Starting back to school at this time will/should/hopefully put me finishing up just about the time Betsy is ready to start kindergarten or maybe 1st grade. Seems like forever but really that is just 3-4 years away. (YIKES!) That is my plan but who knows how the timing will work out. I have to go next week when I have a free day and actually enroll and go through all that fun process. I have been approved for financial aid so that is out of the way. All I have to do is get the ball rolling...

I'm happy. When I started debating going back to school I thought 'no way'...I'll be too old or what not yadda yadda yadda. But then I thought 'why not!?!'. I will be younger than 40 still and more "seasoned" I will say. After Betsy goes to school, it will give me a chance to get out of the house and work. I think this will be a great opportunity for my family as now we will have two nice incomes and will be able to provide more for Betsy and do more of the things we really dream about doing. I can't wait to get started and fulfill one of my longtime dreams/goals. All prayers towards this will be greatly appreciated because as happy and excited as I am, I am also very nervous. This is a big deal for me.

Alright, so the second big change for me this week is I went back and joined Weight Watchers. Yes, I am a repeat offender of Weight Watchers and when I say repeat offender what I really mean is me and WW have an on-again, off-again relationship. I join probably once a year, am faithful and true, lose my first 20-30 pounds, and then drop the program like it's hot. I have it in my head that once I get jump started and drop my first big chunk of fat then I can do it myself at home with no problems. Hmph. As Dr. Phil would say, "How's that workin' for ya?"

Well the truth is, it's obviously not. I have been on and off this program so much that I'm truly embarrased everytime I rejoin because the same people are working behind the counter and probably just shake their heads. "This poor girl can't get it right" I imagine them saying. Well, I'm sure they don't say that but still. So this time I'm on again. They have a new program so everything I ever learned about Weight Watchers in the past has been thrown out the window. I have to relearn it all and I think maybe that is a blessing since it will give me a fresh start and the excitement back of being a part of it.

So it's my first week/first few days and so far I'm loving it. I on purpose chose my weigh-in days and to attend meetings on a Monday evening. That way I CANNOT cheat over the weekend (guilty as charged before) and I have to stay on track. That means no more eating JUNK when we go out to eat on Sundays after church. It just ticks me off when I look back on my progress on Weight Watchers before and how I totally threw it all away and gained my weight back (plus some). Obviously this program works for me so geez Laci...quit slacking. Okay. So I'm on the bandwagon again and I'm really confident this time. I know I say that all the time but I'm just so ready. This is a fresh year for me and with me going back to school and getting so much of my dreams accomplished, why not keep this dream alive as well and get healthy!

So please be nice to me. I'm trying my hardest and I need all the support I can get. So there ya have it folks...I'm thinking 2011 is going to be a rockin' year for my family and I'm going to do all I can to make our dreams a reality. I'm strapping on my backpack and throwing out the Ho-Hos. It's time for change.


Nicki said...

Did you get enrolled yet? You're welcome to drop Betsy off at my house sometime so you have time. I'm in the church directory! Or just email/facebook me.