Monday, June 25, 2012 sorry

Wow. So obviously I haven't had much free time to keep up with this blog. I have been crazy busy with my schooling and it seems like what free time I do have in the evenings I am doing homework or, most likely, catching up on a million DVR'd shows. Betsy goes to bed around 8:30-9, no later, and I'm a sleepy lady by 10. So solid hour of free time kinda gets filled up fast. I'm going to try my best and I'm sure if I can post just a little every night or every other night then I can keep everyone caught up. So my little lady is growing so fast. She will be 4 years old in just a short couple months. I can't believe it. I am posting this from my iPad so I can't post a picture. Or if I can I haven't figured it out yet. She is so smart. I swear if I would work with her more I bet she could learn to read. She spells out everything and is always asking how to spell things. She can spell and recognize her name, my name, tony's name, mommy, daddy, play, yes, no, stop, up, down, target (maybe I shop there too much), red. The other day I was reading "The Little Red Hen" and she pointed to the word 'hen' and said "that says hen" and then she sounded out the letters. So smart! I don't know...maybe all kids her age can do that and I don't know...but to me she's too smart!! She is still going to her Mother's Day Out one day a week and I also have her in gymnastics for the summer. I'm trying my hardest to get her socialized because I realize it's important at this age but I also am starting to notice that she might be sad she's alone. I mean, she doesn't act sad but she always asks to play with friends and it makes ME really sad because damnit she's supposed to have two permanent playmates. I hate that. I am looking to put her in my church's Sonshine School this fall. It's a Mother's Day Out program but 1) its the same price for two days a week as I'm paying now for one day 2)it's in Edmond so I can correlate it with my school schedule and 3) it's at my church so it's a great Godly environment. Right now she's on the waiting list and I've been told its a short wait list so my fingers are crossed she gets in. Otherwise things are going great and we are enjoying summer! I am taking two classes. They are online classes so I move at my own pace. It's been nice, I mean really nice, not having class in the evenings and being able to be at home with my family. I didn't realize how much I missed cooking dinner until I wasn't doing it 5 nights a week. We got a double park pass to White Water (water park) and Frontier City (amusement park) and we have practically lived there! We all love the water park and probably go there at least three times a week for a few hours each time. We get there when most are leaving, fill up our souvenir cup with ice water and we are good to go! Betsy is a total fish just like her mama. We have a blast! Another thing we did as a family was change churches. We loved our little church here by our house but since it's such a small church there wasnt many other children Betsy's age for her to interact with. So we made the decision to go back to the church I grew up in. They have a huge children's ministry and I have to say when we returned it was like we were never gone. Sitting through church I felt so good. Like I truly felt "home". It was a great feeling. Tony and I have been going to the Young Families class and we love it. Betsy absolutely loves Children's Bible Hour that she goes to during sermon. It's a huge ministry so there is never a shortage of friends. So happy to be there. I'm sure I will think of more that I should have added but my one hour of free time is up and I'm ready for bed! The only reason I'm writing tonight is Betsy went with her Grammy and Grampy and cousins to the baseball game then over for a late night swim to cool off (it's 100 degrees tonight). So even though it's way past her usual bedtime (it's now 10pm and she will be home shortly) I know she is having a blast. It's so hard to make sacrifices sometimes as a mom because usually she is in bed no later than 9pm, but I have to think how much fun she's having and really, what does it hurt her staying up late one night? Man...I've come a long way!