Monday, October 24, 2011

My Pumpkin

First of all, has it really been a month since I last blogged? Wow. I have to say, being a full-time stay at home mom and a full-time college student is really kicking my be-hind. Seems like I'm always behind or forgetting something lately. So I guess I will kinda sum up our month of October.

Betsy started back to Mother's Day Out. Her teacher from last year had actually moved up so in her new class she has the same teacher, which made both Betsy and I very happy because we just love her! I think she does great in 'school', as we call it, and she loves going. It's fun to hear her talk about her friends at school and to recall what she did for the day. She usually remembers everything. We are still working on potty training. I certainly don't know what the issue is. Betsy has been sooo easy in everything we have done, such as taking off bottle, getting rid of paci, etc. I just KNEW she would potty train just as easily. Boy did she fool me! She recognizes her potty chart. She understands the rewards and prizes she will get when she uses the potty. She just flat out won't do it! She even pointed to all her prizes that Tony has put on a sheet next to her potty chart and said, "no thanks, I will just wear a diaper." I mean, come on! Really?!? haha. She is SOOO smart. I just don't know why this isn't clicking for her. Maybe a bit of it is just her being stubborn. I don't know. Stay tuned....hopefully she will have a potty chart before she starts kindergarten in a couple years!! Right????

So back to her Mother's Day Out. Since she is in the big girl class now, she gets to go on field trips! Her first trip was going to Chester's Party Barn, which is like a little pumpkin patch/petting zoo place. I knew that I just HAD to go with them. This is my baby! And her first field trip! Well, plus in the back of my mind I was afraid of her running off or something. So a few weeks before her big field trip to the pumpkin patch, Tony and I wanted to take her on just a little family trip to a different pumpkin patch so we could have the experience as a family. We went to the Orr Family Farm and it was so much fun! As she gets older things definitely become more fun. She is just such a blast to be around! Here is a picture of us on the train and a picture of Betsy with her perfect pumpkin that she picked out all by herself.

So here we are on her class field trip. I took a million pictures this day. It was so fun to watch her in a different element, with her friends and teachers and how they all interact. Betsy is just such a good listener, which of course surprised us because...well...she just isn't like that all the time with us!
Here is Betsy with some of her classmates. I like this because they do this thing where they "strap their seatbelts and make bubbles". This gets the kids to fold their arms in front of them and puff out their cheeks. Keeping their hands to themselves and being quiet is the point.
I think it's pretty cute.

Here are the girls lining up to ride the ponies.

Getting ready for lunch. The girl next to her is her "very best friend ever". Her name is Caden.

So this is about the point where my camera died, naturally. She was so adorable this day playing with her friends. I think as a mother, one of your worst fears is that no one will ever play with your kid, haha. I was very happy to see her having friends. I love my little pumpkin!