Monday, March 28, 2011

Bye Bye Passy!

Tony and I have been dreading the day we would have to take Betsy's passy away. But I have to say, WHEW! That was easy breezy.

Betsy was never really a passy baby. She took it on occasion to sleep when she was an infant but mostly she went to sleep without it. When she was younger and we broke her from the bottle, which was amazingly too easy as well, I just gave her the passy and she never cared that she didn't have her bottle. She never particuarly cared for the bottle anyway. So, only when she slept Betsy would take her pacifier. She was totally fine handing it over in the mornings and after nap. However, when she slept she really, really wanted the passy. We figured breaking the habit would be really tough.

But...Betsy proved to us that she is such a good little girl. Yesterday when she woke up from nap she had bitten a hole in the side of her very last pacifier. Tony and I had been discussing breaking her from it so this seemed like the best time. We were hesitant, to just cold turkey her but we thought it's now or never. We explained to Betsy that her passy was "broke" and we asked her if she wanted to throw it away. She said she did. So..we went to the trash.

She tossed it in, said "bye" and walked off. When it came time for bedtime we did our usual book reading before bed. She asked for her passy only one time and I said, "where is passy" and Betsy said "it broke". I reminded her that we had to throw it away and she simply said "okay". We finished books, I gave her a kiss goodnight and she went to sleep. NO PASSY!!

So I do have to admit that I did dig the pacifier out of the trash and washed it. I want to keep it in her memory box.

I can't brag enough. I think she is such a good girl. She has been such an easy little baby. Now if only I could get her interested in going potty...