Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Bouncy, Bouncy"

As Betsy says..."Bouncy Bouncy".

Today we went to Bouncin' Craze for a couple hours after nap. It's just a giant play area with different inflatables. We weren't for sure if Betsy would be old enough to play and enjoy but after hearing from many different people that she would be A-OK we decided to go for it! She had so much fun! At first she was a little hesitant because all the inflatables were so big but after a little encouragement from daddy, who also helped her along, she pretty much took off. Here are some pics from our fun time at the "Bouncy Bouncy" place.

She even tried to climb the walls...

Then there was this ball pit that had a large funnel that blew air out and you could put the balls in front of the air funnel and it would shoot your ball into hoops across the way. Betsy got to playing with this little boy who was trying to "float" balls on the blowing air. Like this:

What was so funny was everytime the boy would bend over to pick up a new ball, he would inadvertantly move the funnel that blew air down and it would hit Betsy right in the face. Once they both realized what was going on they both got the biggest laughs out of it. And I have to admit, me and Tony were laughing pretty hard ourselves.

Betsy even had some fun after the little boy left.

We had a great time and hope to go back again.


The Brown's said...

I have been dying to take Max there. Since he doesn't walk though I'm worried he might get trampled!