Friday, August 27, 2010


Two years ago today my world was turned upside down. This was the day that our angel Grace was born. Today I will give Betsy a million extra kisses because I'm not able to kiss Grace on her special day. Our hearts ache all over again today as we relive the moments of Grace's birth. Please take a moment to remember my family, along with Grace as she would have been two years old today.

Call Heaven there's an Angel
That's coming home today.
Our hearts are sad and broken
Because she couldn't stay.
Fluff up the clouds and lay her
Gently in Your care.
Place the tiny halo
Softly in her hair.
Our arms will never hold her.
Our lips will never kiss
The velvet of her cheeks.
We were not prepared for this.
In our hearts will be a tiny hole
Where always you will be.
Because we wanted you so much
Our hearts will always grieve.
How sad we had to lose you
We hope that this was best.
Sleep softly precious Angel
In God's eternal rest

~ Author Unknown ~