Thursday, August 26, 2010

Taking Pictures

I really hope that when Betsy gets older she asks, "Why don't you have any pictures of me?" Well-good ones that is.

I'm not sure if she is doing this to make mommy mad (surely not, right!?) or if she is just testing the waters and being a pistol. I CANNOT get this girl to take a picture for anything! Now action shots are perfect--she just goes about her business and never has to stop and look at me. And if she is in the picture with someone else then she *ahem* sometimes does okay. But if we want her to pose by herself, forget it. She has recently discovered how much mommy LOVES taking pictures and she thinks it is great to get me frustrated and not look at the camera. Nice, huh?


This is Betsy on 4th of July. She was rocking so cute in her chair. Until mommy said, "Look at mommy!!" (with the camera)

Playing in her ballpit. She kept putting her headband on. Until I came with the camera...

This was our latest photo session:

And if you look closely at her cheeks you can tell she is certainly smiling...

Finally she ran off and put her head down on the floor. I thought this was a nice touch.

Even at church on Sunday her Sunday school teacher told me every time she tried to take Betsy's picture she turned her head around. Uh-Huh.
I have officially turned into my mother because at the closing of this day I told Betsy, "I hope your daughter is JUST like you!"


Ashley and Jason Faucett said...

I love the last line! My mom has always said that and with Madi hitting the 'Terrible Twos'; I'm thinking the same thing! I love it! Unfortunately I can't relate, Madi says 'cheese' and even 'thank you' after I take the picture. But I think it's cute what Betsy does. :) Honestly in some of the pictures it looks like she is looking at someone and maybe she's not being shy just sharing a good moment with her sisters! ;)