Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today we took Betsy back to Integris Baptist Medical Center NICU to visit some of her nurses. We have been back there only a few times since Betsy was discharged and it's always fun to see the nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, and receptionists. Today when we went we were lucky there were quite a few nurses on duty so we got to see alot of familiar faces. Our main reason for going was to see Betsy's primary nurse, Christy. This nurse was VERY special to us and really spoiled Betsy. We could tell she legitimately loved Betsy. Sometimes during the day when I knew Christy was on duty I totally felt comfortable missing a touch time to catch up on things at home because I knew Christy would hold Betsy and cuddle her for me. Anyway, she means alot to us and she's such a special nurse we like to keep in contact with her.
We also got to see another special nurse, Andrea. Andrea was our favorite nurse that Olivia always had. She is so tenderhearted and so sweet and gentle. She was so in love with Olivia and one day even called me at home to tell me she made Olivia into a "bow-head" and had put a tiny bow on her head. When she talked to Olivia she almost whispered and she would so tenderly touch her sensitive skin. We loved her because she was the one person who never told us how sick Olivia was. All she told us was how well she did that day and how beautiful Olivia was.

I'll never forget these special nurses.

So we decided we were going to start a tradition of taking goodies to the NICU on Betsy's birthday week to see everyone and let them help celebrate our birthday girl's big day. Today we took cupcakes up there. I made strawberry cupcakes with chocolate chips in them and then frosted with chocolate and strawberry frosting. They looked so yummy! Betsy even helped me mix the batter.

When we got to the NICU they were excited to see us and really couldn't believe how much Betsy had grown. Oh and how much hair she finally has gotten! I'm sure it's absolutely amazing for them to see this miracle walking their floors because they know, better than even us, how sick she was and how much she had to fight to survive. They were thrilled to find out she was healthy and could look at her and tell just how active she was. Betsy of course showed off a little by jumping up and down, her favorite thing to do when excited.

When we went to leave Christy wanted Betsy to give her a hug. At first Betsy resisted a little but then Christy just picked her up. As soon as she did that Betsy looked at her and just started kissing her like crazy. No kidding. Tony and I laughed but also just couldn't believe it. Betsy loves to give kisses but not like THAT...not even to her family! It was kiss after kiss after kiss after kiss. Tony and I wondered if she had a sense that this was such a special caretaker for her. That this was her special nurse that loved her and cared for her and basically "grew her". I know Betsy didn't remember who she was but I really believe that she sensed a connection with her once again. It was really special and I was so glad to see that. It really made my heart happy and again reaffirmed that this is such a special nurse to our family.

Here is a picture of Betsy with the cupcakes as we were getting ready to leave to go to the NICU.


Jennifer Lacy said...

She is just beautiful and so sweet!

Nicki said...

I am amazed at the special type of people it takes to work in those sorts of positions - NICU, oncology, hospice, etc. They really are true artists of medicince and nursing. I am glad you all still share a special connection with some of them.

brittany said...

Miss B is so so so BEAUTIFUL . i am glad that you all have such a good conection with the nurses there. glad you all had a good day