Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hop Hop Hoppy Easter!

Well I know Easter was technically 2 weeks ago, and I know today is supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post, BUT, I am just now getting a chance to plop on my booty and upload all my pics and take a moment to blog. So, I have to catch up on my Easter weekend!

We took Betsy to see the Easter Bunny, which she is always super excited to do.
Here she is telling him all about how good she has been.

And here is the official Easter Bunny pic.

Over Easter weekend we went to my grandparents as usual. The whole family came for lunch and to hunt Easter eggs. We always have fun together and now that our kids are getting a little older and actually remember that they are cousins they seem to really enjoy the times they get together. I love it because its more memories being made.

Betsy and her cousins getting ready to hunt Easter eggs at Ma and Pa's. (missing are Callie and Laramie who were finishing up their ballgames. BOO for Easter weekend games!)

Let the hunt begin!!!

After all the kids had been satisfied with the number of eggs they found they got to take turns hitting a pinata!!

Betsy and Allie-two peas in a pod.

Betsy enjoying her #?? sucker.

Our most gracious hosts, my two favorite people in life, Ma and Pa. How sweet are they?

Finding her Easter basket on Easter morning. I hope she wasn't disappointed. When I asked her what she wanted the Easter Bunny to leave her for a surprise in her basket she replied, "shampoo". Sorry B, no shampoo.

So getting ready for church, as soon as I stepped out of the shower, the electricity went out. No kidding. I have a hair full of wet hair and no makeup. We waited and waited until the last minute to get ready in hopes that it would come back on. Eventually we had to manage to get ready for church anyway. I went with crinkly hair and all. No blow dryer and *GASP* no flat iron!! I was totally embarrased but figured Betsy looked so cute in her dress that no one would pay any attention to me. Hehe. I was mostly right.

Here is Uncle Na-Na carrying Betsy to the car on our way to church.

I got the best pics of her that I could in her dress. It was kinda chilly outside and I was trying to hurry and get her in the car. This is the best I got. She looked like an angel.

Here we are outside Ma and Pa's house after church. EEEEEEKKKKK on my hair!

Hope everyone had a very happy..errrr..hoppy Easter!


Nicki said...

That is the cutest Easter bunny, where was he? We missed you guys at church that day but I'm so glad you got to be with family. Yay Easter! I also read your post about Easter 3 years ago, I remember that day well and how we prayed for you and the babies during class!