Saturday, May 14, 2011

Redhawks and Roller Derby

Friday night we went to the Redhawks baseball game. We were really excited because the weather was only supposed to be about 68 degrees and usually when we go to baseball games it is sooo HOT! It was the perfect night for a baseball game!

It wasn't long before the wind picked up a little and it started getting pretty chilly.

We decided to move down into some empty seats closer to the field so we would be blocked from the wind. Good idea because it felt much better down lower. Betsy had lots of fun, especially after she got a watermelon Ring Pop.

On our way home we asked her what she liked so much about the Redhawks game. Her reply, "the guys". Haha!

Saturday we spent a relaxing morning at home. Tony and I cleaned the house and then Tony mowed. It was another beautiful day out and I was relieved to get the housework done and over with. Saturday evening we went to the Victory Dolls Roller Derby game. I have always, always wanted to go to one of these games and it was so much fun! We of course didn't stay for the entire thing because Betsy was getting bored but I can't wait to get to go back.

During half-time they let the little kids come out on the floor and dance. Of course Betsy took full advantage of that!