Thursday, November 4, 2010

Social Life

Today Betsy started a Mother's Day Out program. I had been debating for a long time on whether to put her in one or not. They ended up being more expensive than what I originally thought, but not near as bad as it could have been. I have the tendency to be a little over-protective...I prefer the term "hands-on" mommy. I really don't want Betsy to be away from me and I have a hard time just leaving her with anybody. My mom, so far, has been the only person we leave Betsy with. It's just a comfort thing. I think, what can be better than her ACTUAL mommy but MY mom!?! So far, it's working for us.

So I realize that Betsy's only social life is with me. And on occasion when we go play at the mall or at the park she gets to play with other kids. She of course goes to Sunday school and she has a few friends in there. And of course she has our family and cousins that she sees when we visit them. I have been totally satisfied with this arrangement. I do, however, completely understand the importance of being WITHOUT mommy sometimes and being able to play with friends when mommy is NOT around. Plus I know how much she LOVES other children. And I'm very curious as to how this will help her in her speech development (one of the main reasons I did this).

So, we enrolled her in a Mother's Day Out program. She will just be going one day a week and today was her first day. I knew she would love it because she really enjoys being with other children. She pranced right into that room like she owned it. She walked right up to another little girl and started playing with her. I was so happy that she didn't even cry when we left and didn't cry one time while she was there. Couldn't help but feel a tad bit proud when another child came in and was throwing a huge fit when his momma tried to leave. This was NOT his first day but he still didn't want to stay. Betsy is just such a good girl!

I am not comfortable leaving her for her nap time there yet, as their nap is a different time than we have here at home and I don't think she will do well with that. I decided to pick her up 2 hours early and forgo the napping process there. I'm content bringing her home and letting her sleep for her usual naptime in the comfort of her own home. So she is only there for 3 hours. It was 3 hours I had to myself to do WHATEVER I WANTED!! And guess what? I didn't color, do play-doh, watch Dora, play house, or even rock a baby doll. NOPE! I came home and enjoyed some time to myself, caught up on some work and even got to play on the computer some! It was amazing!

I have to admit, it felt totally weird not having little girl here with me. Even my dog kept checking to see if she was here. I called to check on her...twice..and of course she was fine. They said she was fitting right in and playing really good. I cried, just a little, to know that my baby was not here with me and I couldn't see anything she was doing. BUT, she is quite the social butterfly and made lots of new friends. When I went to pick her up, she kept pointing back in her room. She wanted to go back in and play. Her teacher kept telling me how pretty she was (of course!) and how good she was. I think she will enjoy going back. She even brought home a pretty handmade fall wreath made from paper leaves and a paper plate. I just love that girl.

Here she is getting ready to leave the house. Sporting her Dora backpack and pink lunch bag.

Getting ready to go in!

Her new class and meeting her very first friend.


Nicki said...

I'm so glad it went well today.