Monday, November 15, 2010


Dear Girls,

I just want you to know I have really been missing you lately. I hope it doesn't seem as though I have forgotten you. I know it seems like it sometimes with our lives being so busy around this house, but please know you both are ALWAYS on my mind. It's been a while since I really just sat down and looked through your pictures. I used to do it all the time. Please know I don't have to look at your pictures to really truly remember you. Your beautiful faces are etched in my memory like stone. We have been enjoying Betsy so much and really having such a great time watching her grow. I watch her and every single day I wonder what my triplets would be like. I wonder if you girls would all be friends and if you would look alike. The days are becoming a little easier but it's not because I don't miss you so much. Its just because I have your sweet sister to focus on and to remind me every single day how precious life is and I picture you both in her. So it's like I see you all the time in her. She is such a delight. I know you both are so proud of her.

I hope you have got to see my cousin Lance. He is such a handsome guy I think you would recognize him right off. I miss him so much too and I just know he has already got to give you girls a hug just like I asked him to do. Remind him just how much I miss him and love him very much.

My heart aches for the losses this family has had. You always think it will happen to someone else. I miss you girls terribly. There are days that are harder than others. Certain songs trigger memories. Sometimes when your Daddy and I are driving in the car and we hit a bump I remember when I was pregnant and every teeny tiny bump in the road would hurt my belly so bad because it would jiggle you girls around so much and you would bounce off each other. There are times we go over bumps and I think I can still feel you all bumping around in my tummy. It's a feeling I miss so bad.

There will be more letters to come for your girls. As I was reading back over some of my last blog posts I realized that the entire purpose of this blog was to remember you girls and to celebrate Betsy. It has been a while since I remembered you in words so I decided I would write to you more often. I miss you and I love you both.