Wednesday, January 2, 2013


A few months ago our computer totally went out which makes blogging almost impossible. It's too hard to type a blog from our Ipad and plus I can't add pics when typing on the Ipad either so anyway, my most awesome mother got us a new laptop for Christmas and so yay! I can blog again.

I've been on my Christmas break from school for two weeks, which means I go back in two weeks (BOO!). It's not TOO bad-I only have a year and a semester left so that is great. I am hoping I didn't bite off more than I can chew with this upcoming semester. I just don't have that many classes left and trying to get all my classes in is proving to be pretty challenging. I am making a HUGE change in my schedule, not by my choice really but because it is the only time these classes are offered, so when I go back on January 14th, I will be going in the mornings and Tony will be working evenings. That's a flip-flop from what we have been doing as I have been taking evening classes. So that will be a change for us and I hope that Betsy will adjust okay to the change as well. She will be spending more day time with Tony so I am sure she will enjoy that. As for me...well on certain mornings I will be getting up at 5:30am and I haven't done that in a reeeeeeeaaaaaalllly long time! But I am pretty excited. I will be home in the afternoon and evening time and I am looking forward to the change. I am so thankful Tony can rearrange his schedule and that his boss and co-workers are willing to work with him so well. I do feel bad that he will be working evening hours but we have to do what we have to do to get me through school. It won't be for long and then we can go back to some normalcy. I am so ready to graduate! I think this will be such an amazing chapter in our lives and I never would have thought I would have finished college and earned a degree. It's exciting. Nowadays it's so hard to lead the live you want to live without both adults of a household working and Lord knows we have had our struggles. I am moving forward to provide the kind of life we so want for Betsy.

Our Christmas was wonderful. I said it last year but it rings true again this year--it just keeps getting better. I tell ya, when you have a little one in the house, Christmas has a whole new meaning and it's such a fun feeling to see her sweet little face light up, I mean it just makes my heart completely melt! Here is Betsy on Christmas morning in her new jammies she got to open on Christmas Eve.

She is the complete light of my life!!