Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sonshine School

Last week Betsy started preschool at our church. It's called Sonshine School and it's two days a week from 9:30-2:30. It is cheaper than what I was paying at her old Mother's Day Out and that was only one day a week. I was excited to get the call she was accepted after being on the waiting list for a while. I love this because it is at our church and they incorporate Biblical lessons into their curriculum. She recognizes lots of friends from church so that was fun for her. This week was her first full week and I was slightly anxious about how she would do since she hasn't experienced a two-day a week program. She loves it and of course her teachers have wonderful things to say about her every day I pick her up. I was able to find a class that works with my school schedule that coorelates with her time at school so it works perfect. I drop her off and go hang out at my mom's house for a couple hours (she lives really close to UCO) and have those wonderful two hours to do NOTHING but sit and watch TV. nice! So after my class ends I have a little time to kill before picking Betsy back up. I have enjoyed it because now on those two days I don't have evening classes! Yippee!

If this is a precursor to Pre-K then she will do awesome. As for me? I'm not so sure. It's a really, really hard pill to swallow to watch your one and only baby grow up and move onto big milestones.

Here is Betsy on her first day at Sonshine School. She is just such a beam of light! I took this picture, got her situated in her class, kissed and hugged her a million more times then bolted to my car and sat there for about 10 minutes and cried.