Thursday, August 23, 2012

Week ending...

I finished my first week of school. It was rough on me. I think I got spoiled since this summer all I took was online classes so I was at home and could just do my work whenever. Then I had a three-week break before this fall semester. GEEZ..It's killing me! I guess the upside is I only have class two nights out of the week. I have my Accounting class on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and then I have Embalming Chemistry online. I haven't had an afternoon class in FOREVER so it's really weird to me. And ridiculously busy. I mean the entire UCO campus is always hopping and parking is an absolute NIGHTMARE. There are about 1/3 parking spaces as there are students. Parking gets mean. People are nasty. I basically have to leave my house an hour before my class starts because minus the 20 minute drive, it takes about that long to find a spot...or at least circle around until someone leaves. Yes, crazy. But on a positive note, I absolutely love my classes (except Accounting). Someone please tell me why a funeral service major needs to have Accounting. I swear I am the only one in class who isn't a finance or some kind of business major. This is a required class for my major and I don't like it! I'm also taking Funeral Service Statutory Law and Funeral Service Communication. So interesting! I'm glad to be almost done and taking my major classes are really fun. I'm a junior this year so only a little over a year to go! Also-something totally awesome-Betsy got into Sonshine School at our church! She has been on the waiting list for a while so a spot finally opened for her! Sonshine School is our church's Mother's Day Out program but they offer so much more than just a typical mother's day out. They have chapel time where they learn the Word of God and they also have cooking! I am super excited about this opportunity and I think it is so ideal for Miss Betsy right now. She is not going to Pre-K this year (I will blog on that later) and so our two-day a week Sonshine School is just perfect! Plus I was able to rearrange my school schedule so while she is in school, I will have my accounting class. That way I am not driving 20 minutes so many times a day. Her school starts in couple weeks so lots of adjusting until it's time for her to go. She is really excited. I am so thankful Tony is in the position at his work so that he can rearrange his schedule as needed to really help out. It's important while I am in school since my classes are only available at certain times. Another thing I need to get going is my apprenticeship! I have to apply for that within the next few weeks and then I get to go in front of the Funeral Board and get accepted to be an apprentice! I am WAAAAY excited to do this. That means I am just that much closer to finishing and a great way to get my foot in the door. So my darling Betsy is done reading her night time books with her Daddy. That is my cue to snuggle and rock her to sleep. Wouldn't pass that up for the world. By the way...she's almost FOUR!!!