Sunday, August 12, 2012


So I've been debating what to blog about next and how exactly to get everyone caught up on what is happening with us. So last I really blogged about anything was last October. I will start from there and just give a little brief summary of what has been going on each month or so and get caught up on today! OCTOBER 2011~ *Betsy was Raggedy Ann for Halloween. She really wanted to be Strawberry Shortcake but it's always cold on Halloween and the Strawberry Shortcake outfit was just too short and it had short sleeves. What is a cute costume if you gotta cover it up with a coat so I always like to pick costumes that are warm or can be easily modified to be warm. I found this costume at a consignment store for $20 and decided it was the perfect time to introduce her to Raggedy Ann! She didn't care. She has fun with whatever so until she is a bit older, we have great influence on what she wears! And ADORABLE is she?!? DECEMBER 2011~ *I lost one of my favorite men in the entire world. My sweet Pa. There will never be another man like him and no one will ever come close to the kind of person he was. I remember growing up and always being so close to my grandparents and wondering what the day would be like when I would have to say goodbye to one of them. One of the saddest feelings in the world. I miss him terribly but so, so very thankful for all the wonderful memories I have with him. Love you Pa! *The week Pa died was also finals week at school. I had already done all my exams except for Biology and it was scheduled to take place the day after Pa died. Thank goodness I was able to get ahold of my professor and double thank goodness she was so nice and understanding and let me go early the next morning and sit in on her husbands class and take my biology exam. I was so stressed and so sad that I don't know how I passed but I ended up making an A on the final which in turn gave me such awesome grades I was placed on the Dean's Honor Roll! Total brag but so well-deserved if I don't say so myself. *We still went on and managed to have a good Christmas. We had already planned to have Christmas at Ma and Pa's on a certain weekend and that just happened to be the weekend of his funeral. Even though no one really wanted to celebrate Christmas, we still exchanged gifts and made the best out of it for the kiddos. Most of them are old enough to understand but lots of the little ones kept asking where Pa was and that was just so sad. My poor Ma was just so lost and so sad. They had been married for 67 years so all of a sudden what she had known for the past 67 years was gone and she just didn't know what to do. It was just gut-wrenching. *Christmas at our house was fun. I know it will just get better as Betsy gets older but this was the first year she was able to somewhat understand Santa Claus comes and leaves presents and that kind of stuff. This was her on Christmas Eve. We have a tradition of getting Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve but since we had already bought these jammies for a Christmas program at her school (Mother's Day Out) we let her wear them. Sadly, she didn't get to go to her Christmas program because we were out of town due to Pa's passing. Betsy on Christmas Eve. We even made a Gingerbread Christmas Village. EASTER 2012~ *Spent Easter at my grandparent's farm like we do every holiday. Betsy had a blast with her cousins as always and all the little ones decorated giant Easter eggs and we went and put them on Pa's grave and also my cousin Lance's grave which is one spot away from Pa. It was nice and it looked so adorable! We know Pa would have loved that! Here are pics of Betsy dying eggs with her cousins, her posing (kinda!)with her giant egg for Pa, and a pic of her next to her goodies from the Easter bunny. That pretty much sums up our holidays and major events. I am going to follow with a blog about our March of Dimes happenings because pretty exciting stuff going on with that! Of course I didn't touch on everything because I have gotten so far behind it would take me forever to focus on everything and then put me further behind in current events. So there you have it...just some stuff to keep you interested and wow! to see how much Betsy has grown! Hard to imagine her as a tiny 1lb 9 oz miracle! Seems like you blink and she's grown.