Sunday, August 12, 2012

March of Dimes Sports Headliner

Most of my followers know about our involvement with the March of Dimes and how much we love and support that organization. We were first asked to be an ambassador family a few years ago at their annual Chef's Auction. It was the first time I would ever talk openly about my triplets and the journey we had. It was a disaster. I cried the entire time and couldn't even speak. Sooooo...when we were approached to once again be an ambassador family for their Sports Headliner Banquet in March of this year I was SUPER excited. I was stronger and felt more relaxed about sharing my story. I practiced my speech over and over again. And when I say speech, I really mean the birth story of my girls and everything Betsy had to go through. I wrote everything out on my iPad so not to leave anything out and brought that on stage with me. This time I got to rehearse before the event actually started so I was on stage with microphone and everything so I could get the full effect. During rehearsal I got choked up a little, because it really is still overwhelming. However, during the live event I have to say I totally rocked it. I stood confident and didn't even feel nervous. I spoke about Grace and Olivia with such power-what I have always wanted to do. I told Betsy's story and as I scanned the audience there were three ladies who cried the entire time. It totally caught me off guard and for a split second I lost track of what I was saying. My story is so meaningful to me and my family but when I see it truly have that effect on total strangers is what really hits home for me. It's amazing to see that. To really know that my girl is having an impact on others. That is exactly what I have always wanted and I felt as though these people really 'got it' and know exactly what a miracle my child is and what all the March of Dimes stands for. It was a beautiful thing and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. It was a great night. I got to have my mom there and my dad's bank bought a table so I got to have my dad and brother there and some friends which really means so much to me and Tony. I couldn't possibly be where I am today without the support of my family and friends and to have them there sharing something that means so much to all of us really is important. I would love to get the chance to be ambassador family again for other events because I absolutely love it. Maybe one day we can be the feature family for March for Babies since that is my PASSION! Here are some highlights from Sports Headliner: This was at rehearsal. This is a section of the hockey rink that has the March of Dimes logo on it. She was not impressed to have to pose for a pic after being told she could NOT play on the ice. Haha! Our table: Me, Tony and Betsy on our special night In case you live under a rock..this is Chris Harrison...he's kinda famous. And he's so super good looking! Betsy thought so too. Betsy's special Ambassador award she received. This was such a special and fun evening! P.S. I am not sure what is up with this weird formatting. My words are all over the place.