Monday, August 22, 2011

So Long Summer

Well even though we are going on 50+ days of triple digit heat, my summer has officially ended. Today I started my fall semester back at UCO. I am glad to be back in the swing of things but we have totally gotten off our routine and I have not been able to get Betsy back into a schedule. She has been sleeping in (sometimes almost 10am!) and we have been skipping naps. She will still go to bed around 8:30, no later than 9. I have been trying to get her back on schedule but haven't been successful. I am fortunate enough that while I am in school Tony will be home with her and while he is working, I am home so really I'm not as concerned about getting her back on a nap schedule as I used to be. She has adjusted fine without one and is seldom grumpy so I guess she will be fine not taking naps anymore. Next week she will start back to her Mother's Day Out program which I am really excited about. She absolutely loves going to 'school' and has so much fun there. She loves playing with other children and making new friends. She is such a social little girl.

So here is a recap of some of the things we have been doing over the past few weeks. The temperatures have been well into the 100s and all the way up to 114 degrees. It has been entirely too hot to do much of anything outdoors but on the rare occasion that it wasn't TOO hot we tried to play out as much as possible after breakfast. Like I said, those days were few and far between. We spent alot of time at the mall at the play area to let Betsy run off some energy. I have felt really bad that we didn't do much more this summer and I'm starting to feel really guilty about not putting her in more activities. As much as she loves other children, she really needs to do more. But, money doesn't fall from the sky and some things I have wanted to put her in just aren't within our budget at the moment. Just one more week until Mother's Day Out and then I will feel better about everything. I know she's just (almost) 3-years-old but she really does need more friends.

Here we went to a neighborhood splash pad. She loved it and even proclaimed, "this is the best day ever!"

She did finish up her dance classes. She really enjoyed going to those and had lots of fun. I would LOVE to keep her in them but our issue right now is the only classes offered are in the late afternoons/evenings and that is when I am in school this semeser so that really won't work out. Here she is at her last dance class. We got to go in for Visitor's Day and watch her in action. I know I have already blogged about her dance class but she is. so. cute. I can't resist more pics.

A big milestone we hit was that we got to say good-bye to Sooner Start. Betsy was only seeing Lindy, her speech pathologist, since her speech was so delayed but she has actually been caught up for a few months now. Lindy was just still coming to see Betsy because she loved her so much, of course! Hey, those were her words not mine! :) Anyway, we were so, so very thankful for the services of Sooner Start and helping Betsy get caught up to where she should be. I hear stories of children who were born not even as early as Betsy and how they aren't doing as well as her. Just another reason to be so blessed with our little Betsy and just how amazing she is. We truly are going to miss our speech path. She was so much fun. OH! and as ironic as it and Lindy actually went to fifth grade together. How funny is that!! On her last day she and Betsy had a special birthday picnic. We were sorry to say goodbye to her but it's always a great thing to graduate out of Sooner Start.

So, I really don't have much to blog on. I just wanted to catch up from the beginning of August. I will be super busy. I'm taking night classes Monday-Thursday, one morning class on Tuesdays and then on online class. I am already feeling overwhelmed and I'm super nervous about this semester. I just want to do good. I don't want to lose my dream and I'm just hoping I didn't bite off more than I can chew. I will still have all day to be home with Betsy which is wonderful and I am glad for that. I love my little girl!