Saturday, June 18, 2011


No, I haven't abandoned my blog! So far our summer has been pretty hectic and the few nights I sat down to blog something was wrong with my photo uploader. And I can't have a blog without some pictures!

I guess we technically aren't into summer yet but it's the summer months and it's been HOTTTTTT. We had a few changes lately. I am enrolled in school (finally!!) and so with my school schedule we decided to take Betsy out of her Mother's Day Out program just for the 8-week summer session. Our original plan was to have my mom watch Betsy during the mornings I would be in class but it just so happened that Tony has been assigned a later day shift so he has been able to stay home with Betsy. I am taking two classes: Psychology of Grief and Math for General Education. My math class is just a 4-week fast track class and my Psychology of Grief is online. I am really enjoying school so far. I have already enrolled for my fall classes and if everything stays according to plan (fingers crossed), I should finish in 3 years.

So, since we took Betsy out of her Mother's Day Out, we decided to enroll her in a few summer activities so she wouldn't have to have a "boring" summer. The first thing we did was put her in a dance class. I've been waiting 2 years for this put my little princess in a tutu and take her to dance class. Is it just me or is this every mother of little girls dream?!? She is such a doll!

She seems to be really enjoying the class. We can't watch her because it's too much of a distraction to 10 little 2-year-olds to have 20+ heads surrounding the door. We can hear them through the door though and it sounds so cute. After the first session Betsy came home and ballerina danced all over the floor. Who knows, maybe she will become a dancer. She is so tall and skinny she could probably be really good at it.

Also this summer we are giving Betsy swim lessons. We have a family friend who teaches classes and is also a lifeguard so she is teaching Betsy privately at her house. Betsy's first class was last week and I think it went well. Betsy is very, very comfortable in her puddle jumper floatie so for being without it I think she did very well. She has already learned to kick her legs while on her belly and has discovered when she does that she actually can move all over the pool. She's gonna be a pro by the end of summer! :)

At her first swim lesson

Betsy LOVES the water. And I'm glad because both Tony and I both are water hogs and love to swim. We have already been twice to White Water waterpark this summer because Betsy loves it so much. She just gets in the water and takes off. It's so much fun. We spend alot of time at my dad's house swimming. Before long we will have to check our feet to make sure they aren't webbing. Haha.

To top off our exciting summer so far, and partly why we have been so busy, is Tony's family came to visit us the first week in June. His brother, sister-in-law, and their two children have never visited Oklahoma before so we were especially excited for them to come. They are from New York but have been living in Florida for the last few years. Also Tony's mother and her longtime boyfriend came to visit. They are both from New York as well. We haven't seen his mom since our wedding 7 years ago so we were sooooo thankful we were all able to spend some much needed time together.

Betsy really enjoyed playing with her two cousins, who are ages 9 and 3.

We had a busy week. Not only did I have school every morning but when I got home we were on the move. We visited the Omniplex, White Water, Oklahoma National Memorial, rode the water taxi downtown, went to Bass Pro Shop, and much more. We were busy. It was so much fun to get to visit and spend time with everyone. I wish we saw each other more. We are already talking about going and visiting Florida next summer so we can at least be consistent in spending time together. I enjoyed everyone so much.

Here is a fun picture we took at the Science Musuem (that's what it's called now, not Omniplex anymore). I forget how much fun it is there. This was like a mirror room.

Jason, Lisa and Kaitlyn at a giant table

Tony and Betsy on the water taxi

All in all, our summer has started off great. Now that our company is gone and I've slipped into a routine with school, we should easily start slowing down a little. All our schedules were thrown out the window for that week and I think this picture of Betsy pretty much sums up our entire week! We stayed at my mom's house at night and let our company have our house. She fell asleep in the car on the way there and didn't wake up until the next morning. Even being layed out like this, changed into her jammies, diaper changed and face washed. She was crashed. Sweet baby.