Monday, August 29, 2011

Betsy is 3

It seems so crazy to say I have a 3-year-old now. She is such a big girl!! It's like even when she was 2 she still seemed like a baby to me. But now that she is 3, she just seems so much more grown up. Awe. It's so bittersweet. It makes me wish I could preserve every single second I have with her and never, ever forget any little thing she says or does. I can't believe how fast the past three years have gone by for me and if the next three go by just as fast then she will be...gulp!....six! She is so very precious to me and every single day is a blessing, that is for sure.

We had Betsy's 3rd birthday this year in Lovey's backyard. "Lovey" is my mom. We have a favorite park we have had her birthdays in the past but it was so hot this year we wanted to do water toys plus last year we had a slight bee issue at the park and even my cousin got stung! So we chose my mom's backyard and grilled out hot dogs and let the kids swim. It was still hot for us adults but everyone brought their lawn chairs and there was plenty of shade. It wasn't as bad as I had anticipated and I think everyone had a good time. I was so glad for those who came. I always worry that she won't have any friends at her party! She had so much fun and she sure loves all her friends. She talks about them for days and days after we have seen them so I know she truly likes being with them.

We had our traditional balloon release to remember Grace and Olivia since it's their birthdays too. I always love doing this. Betsy is getting old enough to wonder why we are letting balloons go so I need to explain things to her. It's just too hard to mention their names around her. Because they are so much a part of her.

Balloons for my girls...

After everyone pigged out on hot dogs and birthday cake and we said goodbye to all our friends, it was time to end our birthday celebration and we plopped Betsy and her cousin Allie in the bathtub to clean up. In Betsy's words, Allie is her "very best friend EVER!" They are exactly a month apart and I know they will grow up great friends.

Betsy and Allie the next morning. Betsy's actual birthdate. Happy Birthday Big Girl!

We treated Betsy to lunch at Jimmy's Egg and the "Egg Man" was even there, which she loved.

After lunch we took Betsy to Toys R' Us to pick out whatever she wanted for her birthday. She picked out an Olivia chair and a microwave for her kitchen. Very cute. Then we took her to the mall to play and for a special cookie treat. After that we decided to pay a visit to the NICU to visit those special nurses who took care of Betsy for her first 4 months of life. She was the first one to come out and see Betsy when we got there. Betsy went right over to her and hugged her and hugged her...and wouldn't let go. She literally just squeezed Nurse Kathy for the longest time.

Now, Betsy doesn't do that with ANYONE! Tony and I just stood there teary-eyed just wondering if Betsy felt some kind of bond with her and remembered how much she cared for her. Kathy was one of those nurses who we knew genuienely LOVED Betsy. And you know that when Betsy was tiny and Kathy would care for her she could feel that love. So I just wonder if she felt something...that connection. It was so sweet to watch and it really made me happy. We formed a very special bond with the nurses there and it's great to go back and visit. They all like to marvel over Betsy and how big she has become. Can you imagine it from their perspective? They, more than anyone, knew how fragile my baby's life truly was and it really must be amazing to watch 'their' babies grow up.

So overall the birthday went by great. Things are getting a little easier in terms of not having my triplets. Especially the 3rd birthday, since there are 3 of them...the birthday possibilities would have been endless. I just have to hope and pray that I am truly doing the right thing in honoring them and keeping their memory alive. I actually had someone say (at the balloon release), "oh i forgot..." My heart just shattered. That's exactly what I DONT someone to forget about my girls or why we do the things we do for them. They are very much still a part of Tony and I and will continue to live through Betsy. Please don't ever forget....


Jenny said...

Happy birthday to Grace, Betsy and Olivia! I just read through the stories of your sweet girls and was in tears over your triumphs and losses. Congratulations on thriving through three years as a triplet momma - I can't imagine how much goes by on the road to 3!

The Brown's said...
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The Brown's said...

Max absolutely loved playing with the kids and especially Betsy. I love to see my boy play with others. Also thank you so much for letting us be part of the balloon release. As you know it was our first time and it was very special.