Sunday, July 10, 2011

A True Princess

Today Tony and I took Betsy to the mall to play in the play area so she could run off some steam. It was too hot to even go swim today so we had to do something! On a whim we decided to get Betsy's ears pierced. We have thought about it for a while now but have always been hesitant mainly because we didn't want her to have to hurt for a long time. We talked about it with her and asked her if she wanted earrings like her cousin Allie. She said she did but of course she didn't know what that all entailed. So we took her to look at earrings and there was a teenage boy who was getting ready to pierce his ears. I took Betsy and we watched him get his ears done and she said, "I'm ready to get earrings too."

So we did. The lady who did it was really sweet and had lots of knowledge and advice about what to do and how to take care of them. There was luckily another worker there so they were able to do them at the same time. I was so nervous. More nervous than Betsy for sure. Tony sat in the chair and held her while I snapped pictures on my phone. They counted down...3....2....1....go. I heard the snap of the guns and braced myself for her to start crying. I literally was sweating I was so nervous!

Betsy literally didn't even flinch. She didn't cry, whimper, NOTHING! I was like, "really? That easy?" She had a mirror in front of her so as soon as she was done she got a sucker and we gawked in the mirror how pretty she was. She looks just like a true princess to me. She is absolutely beautiful. I guess she has been stuck so much in her life and been through so much that a measly little stick in the ear was nothing. What an angel.

For some reason my e-mail won't open the pictures I sent from my phone. Bummer. So I can't show off the ear piercing process. But these were taken right after we got home. With her new haircut and now her ears she doesn't look like my baby anymore. She looks like such a big girl.

On a side note, we found a karaoke channel on our On Demand so before bedtime we jammed out to Old MacDonald and Row Row Row Your Boat. Ah yes, that's the life!