Friday, July 8, 2011

New Schedule, July 4th and a Haircut, Oh My!

I can't believe it is already July! I can probably fit everything here in about 2-3 different blogs but instead I guess I'll just write one big long one, of course full of pictures. I just don't feel like seperating everything. This summer has been going by so fast! We have been keeping ourselves pretty busy. Since we have had Betsy in dance class and in swimming lessons we have kinda been putting her on a different schedule. I guess it started back in June when I started school. Tony had switched his schedule at work to work evenings and he was home all day wih Betsy. Well, typically I will get Betsy up by 8:30am and that way by 1:00pm she is ready for a nap and she will sleep until 3-3:30pm, but since we have been busy and she had already been off her schedule when Tony's family was visiting, one day we just let her sleep in and she ended up sleeping until 10:45am! We were looooooving getting to sleep in also!

So now we are trying out something new with her. We have been letting her sleep in as long as she wants in the mornings, usually she is up by 9:45-10. Then she skips her nap and goes to bed at 8pm. However, we are finding it is difficult to get her on a good eating schedule since she won't eat breakfast until 10 in the morning and then lunch around 2:30ish. And she sometimes gets cranky around 7ish as well. So, we may have to go back to getting her up in the morning so she doesn't skip a nap. It's all trial and error at this point.

We also celebrated Fourth of July last weekend. We went to my grandparents farm as we typically do. We didn't get to do fireworks like we usually do since we had to come back for my brother and Tony to go to work. We did enjoy a great visit and Betsy even got her very first haircut. It wasn't much to cut off since she still has pretty short hair, but it was very uneven in the back, like growing pretty long on the sides and not in the very back....funny. Also it was getting pretty long on top. We were able to get by for a while by pulling it up into a "fountain" on her head but it was getting so long that didn't even look right. haha.

Here is a picture a few days before her haircut. We were playing in a fort we made at home.

We let my aunt "Oakie" do her first haircut since she gave me MY first haircut when I was 2 years old. Of course my hair was way past my shoulders at that point. Haha! Poor Betsy.
Here are some pics of the process. Sarah sat and did the entertaining while I snapped away a million pics. Betsy will pretty much sit still for anything electronic so she did really good playing with some of her cousin's toys.

I think she looks like such a big girl now. It's really, really a cute cut and I'm so glad to have it out of her face. It's adorable when I pull the side back and clip a bow in it. I just love having a little girl!

So after our weekend out on the farm, we came home to go to the Bethany 4th of July parade. So let me mention that it has been well over 100 degrees all month long and Monday morning, July 4th morning, by the time the parade started it was already pushing 100 degrees. We stayed for about an hour and we were all feeling pretty miserable. I don't care how much water we drank, it just wasn't safe to have my little girl out in the heat for that long so we left. Here are a few pics from the parade. She's so cute in her festive outfit!

That evening after a nice long nap we loaded up and went to Edmond for the fireworks show. Betsy enjoyed it and even sat still for all of 5 minutes and watched it. haha. All in all, I didn't think it was worth it. We had to get there an hour before it started to get a good spot, it was HOT, and then after the show we had to wait almost another hour to get out of the parking lot. It was well after midnight before Betsy got to bed and to me that just isn't worth it. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!

Edmond fireworks (children's area) Look how cute her hair is!

Enjoying the show


Little Hen said...

great photos and blog. We too are working on new schedule. Lillie and Phoebe are sharing a room and bedtime is a little crazy.

Nicki said...

We were at Edmond too! Sorry we missed you. :-( Jason had a blast watching the fireworks. It was a late night though!