Saturday, October 2, 2010

Playroom Transformation

We decided to make Betsy a playroom because our 3rd bedroom was being used for my office but we were also storing some toys and other things in there too. Since I am only working part-time I kinda felt like that room was starting to turn into a junk room and I hated having an entire room in our house go to waste. We decided we would rearrange our bedroom to fit a small desk space in there for me and transform the office into a playroom. Big pat on the back to Tony and I because we worked really hard to do this. It took a lot of work. We were very pleased with the outcome. Betsy officially now has the two nicest rooms in the house: Her room and her playroom.

Here is the progress:

This green wall is not completely done. We originally got two butterflies to paint on the wall around Betsy's name to memorialize Grace and Olivia; however, the butterflies turned out to be too big. We are going to paint two white doves sitting on the vines we just haven't gotten the dove stencils yet.


Nicki said...

Love it! Great paint job. I'm sure she has tons of fun in there and I know you're glad to cut down on the clutter.