Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Weekend

This weekend we went to my grandparent's farm for Easter. They live in a very small town in Southwest Oklahoma, about 2-1/2 hours from us and unfortunately we don't see them as often as we would like. Mostly holidays and summers. I love it there. I have so many memories as a child visiting my grandparents and spending time with my cousins. It's amazing how grown up we all are now and how different things are down there. I am SO very fortunate to still have both of my grandparents living. (This is on my mom's side of the family). I feel very blessed to have them in my lives and now in Betsy's. My family is so important to me and I treasure every second I have and have ever had with them. My cousins are wonderful and I have a blast being around everyone. Even though we have all grown up and most of us have our own kids now, it is still so much fun to be down there and around everyone.

We went Saturday and their little town had an Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids. I thought it was hilarious that such a small town had such a big turnout for this and how many children there were! They divided the groups into different age groups so the egg hunting was fair. Of course, the little ones are so funny because it's mostly the parents pointing out the egg and getting so excited for the kids when they finally toddle their way over to the eggs and pick them up. For Betsy it was the same way. Except she had to really examine each egg before she put it in her basket. Such a doll.

Of course this is yet another holiday without Grace and Olivia. I will watch Betsy run around and play and I will get two other children in my sight that are similar in age and I much fun all my girls would have had running around and hunting eggs. What sweet little Easter outfits would they be in and would I want them to match. Probably so. I imagine if they would run around and play together or would they go their separate ways and play with other kids. Would they laugh out loud at each other doing something silly. Easter Sunday I imagine how beautiful my girls would look in their Easter dresses. Would Grace and Olivia wear a bow or would I have to fight all three of them for a quick picture with it in their hair. I can't express how much I miss them and how hard each and every holiday is.

I remember two years ago on Easter Sunday is when I had my IVF transfer. I went in that morning and my doctor "hid" three eggs in my uterus in hopes of at least one baby. Easter will always be special to me because this is the first time I had a glimpse of possibly being a mother.

And what a difference a year makes....Betsy last year at Easter.